System Config Tool: Parental Control Setting

Parental Control Settings

You may set up parental controls. Each option selected is stored in the system file. Each setting is described in the table below:

The System Config Tool stores only parental control settings. It does not actually control features according to each setting. Actual control is exercised in each application that looks at the stored parental control information.
Item Description Saved Information
Use Parental Control Set whether to use parental control. No (default)
Pin Code Set a 4-digit pin code to use to cancel parental control temporarily. 4 digits
E-Mail Address Set the email address used to obtain the pin code. Up to 256 characters
Secret Question Select the secret question used to obtain or reset the pin code in case it is forgotten. 6 choices
Secret Answer Enter the answer to a secret question. Up to 64 characters
Permit to Delete All Parental Settings Set whether to permit to delete all parental control settings. Allow (default)
Not Allow
Rating Organization The game content rating is obtained by the application developers from various regional rating organizations that rate game and other application content in console games. Select the rating organization. The 16 choices are:
CERO (default)

For Each Account

You may create up to 12 accounts on Wii U. Each account can store its parental control setting. When you select an account, the parental control options are displayed.

Parental Account – Account 1

Each setting is described in the following table:

Item Description Saved Information
Game Rating The game content rating informs the customer of the nature of the product and for what age group it is suitable. Use this setting to manage the maximum game rating that the user of the account may access. Set the game rating level from 0 to 21. 18 (default)
Online Interaction in Games Set whether to restrict network communication (chat and/or user data exchange) in game. Restricted
Unrestricted (default)
Internet browser Set whether to restrict use of the Internet browser. Restricted
Unrestricted (default)
Wii U Shopping Services Set whether to restrict purchasing products and services from online shops such as Nintendo eShop. Restricted
Unrestricted (default)
Miiverse Set whether to restrict use of Miiverse. Restricted
Unrestricted (default)
Friend Registration Set whether to restrict friend registration and request. Restricted
Unrestricted (default)
Entertainment Excluding Games Set whether to restrict use of entertainment excluding games. Restricted
Unrestricted (default)
Data Management Set whether to restrict user data management such as saving data and installing applications. Restricted
Unrestricted (default)
Internet Settings Set whether to restrict Internet setting change. Restricted
Unrestricted (default)
Account Modify Set whether to restrict account modification. Restricted
Unrestricted (default)
Change Country Setting Set whether to restrict country setting change. Restricted
Unrestricted (default)
Nintendo TVii Set whether to restrict use of Nintendo TVii. Restricted
Unrestricted (default)
System Initialization Set whether to restrict system initialization. Restricted
Unrestricted (default)

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