System Config Tool: Calendar, Language, and Regional Settings

Root Menu


You may set the date and time for the system. Applications may use the date and time setting to determine gameplay for a specific season, day, and time of day. In the Root Menu, select Calendar, and then set the correct date (MM/DD/YYYY) and time. The time setting uses a 24-hour clock.


This option applies to the language used in the system. If the language setting in the System Config Tool is set to Japanese, the Japanese language is used. If any other language is selected, English is used.

Setup options are as follows.

Item Saved Information
Japanese (default) English French
German Italian Spanish
Chinese Korean Dutch
Portuguese Russian Taiwanese

When changing the language in the language setting for the Wii U console, the language used on the GamePad (DRC) may be changed at the same time. A pop-up message is displayed that asks if you want to switch the DRC language also. If you select Yes, it takes a few seconds to change.

Japanese Language Root Menu

Regional Settings

Regional information identifies a platform region for the service division that is offered by Nintendo. A game region is used to exercise application execution control. The Wii U console uses both platform region and game region. The application or game uses game region only.

Information about regional settings is described in the Definition and Use of Region page.

Game Region

The game region identifies the regions where the application may be run on the Wii U. If the region for the game is in the list of supported regions in the Game Region menu, the game may be played on that Wii U. For example, if all regions are selected by setting all of the fields listed in the table, an application with a region setting of any region may run on the Wii U.

The game region for the console may not be obtained from the game application.

You may set the game region for the console. Setup options are:

Item Saved Information
Game Region JPN: Japan (default)
EUR: Europe
CHN: China
KOR: Korea
TWN: Taiwan

*Multiple selections may be made.

Platform Region

The platform region (product area) identifies the Division for the services that are provided by Nintendo. For example, the installed Wii U Menu and the ability to connect to the Nintendo eShop vary by Wii U platform regions.

You may set the platform region. Only one platform region may be set. Setup options are:

Item Saved Information
Platform Region JPN: Japan (default)
EUR: Europe
CHN: China
KOR: Korea
TWN: Taiwan


You may set the country in which the user resides. Only one country information is stored per Wii U console. Setup options are as follows:

Item Description Saved Information
Country of Residence Country information is displayed as [Country Name][ISO A2 Code: Country ID]. For example: United States: [US:49] is displayed for a user who resides in the United States. Country ID

For a complete list of country codes and country names, see the Wii U country list spreadsheet.

  • The game application may not use the country code to check the region.
  • The relation between the country code and the region may be modified during a system update.


Cafe SDK has a script to set up these configures.

Syntax: setconfig [platform region] [game region] [language] [country]

Option Description
platform region 0:JPN 1:USA 2:EUR 3:AUS 4:TWN 5:KOR 6:CHN
game region 1(bit0):JPN 2(bit1):USA 4(bit2):EUR 8(bit3):AUS 16(bit4):TWN 32(bit5):KOR 64(bit6):CHN
language 0:JPN 1:ENG 2:FRN 3:GER 4:ITA 5:SPA 6:CHN 7:KOR 8:DUT 9:PRT 10:RUS 11:TWN
country Country ID (e.g. 1:JP 49:US 77:FR 78:DE 110:GB etc)
For a complete list of country IDs, see the Wii U country list spreadsheet.

Also setconfig script sets up calender as the current date and time automatically.

e.g. ./setconfig 0 1 0 1 (JP setting)
e.g. ./setconfig 1 2 1 49 (US setting)
e.g. ./setconfig 2 4 1 77 (EU setting)
e.g. ./setconfig 1 127 1 49 (All game region setting)

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