System Config Tool: Wii U GamePad (DRC) Settings

In the Wii U GamePad (DRC) Settings menu, you may update the GamePads firmware, pair GamePads to a devkit (CAT-DEV or CAT-R), restore microphone and LCD default settings, and check the GamePad WiFi status.

System Config Tool Root Menu

Wii U GamePad (DRC) Settings

Update Wii U GamePad (DRC) firmware

You may update the DRC firmware. The menu selection to update the firmware is displayed only when the DRC firmware is not up-to-date.

Updating the Wii U GamePad Firmware

Enable multiple Wii U GamePads (DRC)

You may enable a second GamePad to connect by setting Multi DRC to ON. To use second GamePad in an application, set this to ON, and then soft launch the application by using the caferun command.

Enable Multiple GamePags

Pair DRC

  1. Select the Pair DRC option to pair a GamePad to the devkit. If the Multi DRC setting is ON, multiple GamePads may be paired as primary (1) and secondary (2).

    Wii U GamePad (DRC) Setting – Pair DRC

  2. When you select this menu option, a PIN code and the remaining time for pairing to finish is displayed. If you do not finish the pairing process in the time displayed, pairing is canceled, and the process again must be started again.

    Pairing a Wii GamePad

  3. To continue the pairing process, press the SYNC Button on the GamePad.
    • If you press the SYNC Button once on the GamePad, the GamePad pairing process starts.
    • If another GamePad is already paired and you press the SYNC Button twice, the GamePad pairing process starts, and the GamePad pairs as the primary controller.
    • If another GamePad is already paired and you press the SYNC Button once, the GamePad pairing process starts, and the GamePad pairs as the secondary controller.
    • If you press the SYNC Button during the GamePad pairing process, pairing is canceled.
  4. Enter the PIN code on the GamePad that is displayed on the TV or monitor. The "Connecting to the Wii console" message is displayed on the GamePad.

    Tapping the symbols and connecting to the Wii U Console

For more information about setting up a GamePad, see Set Up the DRC.

Restore default mic gain

You may restore the microphone gain value in EEPROM on the GamePad back to the default factory setting. You may use this option when the default microphone gain is modified by an older version of SDK. Currently, developers may not change the default microphone gain value.

Restore default LCD settings

You may restore the LCD brightness to the default. Some earlier models of the GamePad have different brightness settings. This allows you use the same brightness settings as production models.

Wii U GamePad (DRC) Wifi Diags

You may check the GamePad Wi-Fi status.

DRC WiFi Diagnostics

Current Stats for the Connected GamePad

DRC Motor Mode

You may set the GamePad motor mode to ON or OFF.

DRC WiFi Diagnostics

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