System Config Tool: Wii Remote and Sensor Bar

You may set up the Wii Remote and Sensor Bar.

Wii Remote and Sensor Bar Settings

Setup options are as follows.

Item Description Saved Information
Motor Mode Set whether to use the motor mode. This controls the rumble feature on the Wii Remote. ON (default)
Sensor Bar Position Set the Sensor Bar position. Upper (default)
Pointer Sensitivity Set the pointer sensitivity. 1 to 5
2 (default)
Speaker Volume Set the Wii Remote speaker volume. 0 to 127
5 (default)
Clear Pairing Information Delete the Wii Remote pairing information.
Connected Controllers View the list of connected controllers and their corresponding channels.

Start the pairing process by pressing the SYNC Button on the Wii Remote. For more information about pairing, see Pair DRC on Wii U GamePad (DRC) Settings in the System Config Tool.

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