System Config Tool: Format System

To format the Wii U system, select the Format System option in the Root Menu, and then press the A Button. Press the Y Button to confirm that you want to format the system.

Formatting the system performs the following:

Format System

It may take a few minutes depending on the volume of data. Do not turn OFF the system until the format process finishes.

Format does not change or delete the following data:

After the format finishes, run cafeon to restart the CAT-DEV, and again set the date and time, regions, language, and country. Using the TV or monitor and the Wii U Pro Controller, pair the GamePad to the CAT-DEV. For more information, see the CAT-DEV QuickStart Guide.

To use USB storage again, the USB storage must also be formatted. For more information, see Format the USB Storage Device.

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