System Config Tool: Title Launcher

You may view and run the list of executable titles, patches, and add-on content. When you select Title Launcher in the Root Menu, and then press the A Button, the Title Launcher menu is displayed with a list of installed titles. When you select a title in the list, and then press the A Button, information about that title is displayed in the Title Information screen. Press the A Button again to start the title.

Title Launcher Menu

Title Information

You may "pre-mount" an image when starting the System Config Tool by specifying the HDD bank number. For example:

    $ caferun -e h:<HDD_banknum> ($CAFE_ROOT)$CAFE_ROOT/data/mlc/sys/title/00050010/1f700500/code/system_config_tool.rpx


    $ caferun -e h:<HDD_banknum> -t 0x000500101f700500

Applications associated with device type odd0x may run from the specified HDD bank.

To install, uninstall, and move titles, use the Title Manager menu. To switch to the Title Manager menu from this menu, press the Y Button. You may also access the Title Manager menu by selecting Data Manager in the Root Menu of System Config Tool.

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