System Config Tool


The System Config Tool is a GUI tool that developers and testers use to set up system configurations, manage applications, and save data necessary for game development on a devkit (CAT-DEV or CAT-R).

When the boot mode is set to NAND, the configuration files are stored on NAND in the devkit. The configuration files are initialized when a system firmware update takes place.

When the boot mode is set to PCFS, the configuration files are stored in the NAND emulation directory, $CAFE_SLC_DIR/sys/proc/prefs on the host PC and in the NAND in the devkit. The system configuration is initialized if the files in $CAFE_SLC_DIR/sys/proc/prefs are updated or manually deleted. Implementing a new version of the SDK does not format the settings if the developer defined CAFE_SLC_DIR to be the same directory as the previous SDK location on the host PC.


If the System Config Tool settings are set while in NAND boot mode and the user then switches to PCFS boot mode, the System Config Tool will use the settings that reside on the host PC (PCFS mode). There are two sets of System Config Tool settings at any given time; one set on the host PC, and one set in the CAT-DEV's internal NAND storage.

For information about how to change boot modes, see Change CAT-DEV Boot Modes.

System Config Tool Options and Features

Run and Use the Tool Run and use the System Config Tool.
Region and Language Set calendar, language, and regional options.
Title Launcher View and run the list of executable titles, patches, and add-on content.
Data Manager Manage titles, import data, view directories and files, and format USB storage devices.
Display and Audio Set display and audio options.
Wii U GamePad Settings Update Wii U GamePad firmware, pair a GamePad to a devkit (CAT-DEV or CAT-R), restore microphone and LCD default settings, and check the GamePad WiFi status.
Wii Remote and Sensor Bar Set the options for the Wii Remote and Sensor Bar.
Network Settings Create and save network settings or modify parameters that are used by the Auto Connection (AC) Library, which handles the network connection state.
Parental Controls Set up parental controls with each option stored in the system file.
SpotPass Setting Enables users to periodically download and/or upload data while the system is running by registering the communication tasks to be performed.
EULA Set the EULA agreement.
Other Setting Change the settings such as debug flags and standby functions.
Boot Configuration Change the boot configuration.
Test Settings Configure features that run in the background.
System Viewers Display the list of system titles that are installed.
Update System Manually update the Wii U system for NAND or PCFS mode.
Format System Format the Wii U system.
Reboot System Reboot the Wii U system.
Command Line Options Various commands that are supported by the System Config Tool.

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