Hello Example (Shows you the text "hello")

Remove Update (Removes a not completed Update)

Exit Example (Exit you to Wii U Home Menu)

Error Example (You will see an Error Screen)

Usbstor Example (Test your USB Interface)

Pong (Will launch Relys Pong Game!)

Draw (Will show you a black screen!)

IOS (You must press buttons on the Gamepad!)
gx2thread (Will break your Screen!)

WiiU Kernel Exploit ()
PyGecko (Allows Cheating.)

Cafiine (loading alternate game files on a Wii U.)

GC To VPAD (A WiiU patcher to replace the gamepad input with the gamecube adapter).

NNU-Patcher(A WiiU patcher for NeedsNetworkUpdate to use the eShop).

Loadiine(A backup loader for WiiU).

Loadiine(by MLT)(A backup loader for WiiU).

LoadiineGX2Beta(A backup loader for WiiU).

LoadiineGX2SDBeta(A backup loader for WiiU).