Create an Application Overview

This section describes the fundamentals of the Cafe Core OS (COS) process model, how applications integrate with other services, and various system behaviors. This is the starting point for creating a Cafe application.

Application Concepts

Create a Process

Your application has configuration data which enables various features and defines some basic dimensions, such as maximum code and data size.

Application Lifecycle

Your application will have a lifecycle that determines its actions. Of particular interest is the concept of foreground and background states and how your application must process transition messages. For more information about the Application Lifecycle, see Application Lifecycle.

Multicore Processing

Your application runs in a process, but will be able to take advantage of the multiple cores that the Wii U provides. For more information about the Multicore Processing, see Multicore Processing.

Starting Up Your Application

When starting up, applications must minimize the time before an initial screen is displayed to the user. Various system resources and strategies are provided to help. For more information about Starting Up, see Starting Up.

Foreground and Background Transitions

Your application is active when it is in the foreground and mostly inactive when it is in the background. Foreground and background transitions are cooperative in nature; your application must handle process transition events.

Foreground and Background Behavior

Your application behaves differently in foreground compared to background. There is limited concurrency available for applications that must continue to operate while in the background.

Shutting Down Your Application

Shutting down your application typically means returning to the main system menu. We discuss how to ensure a quick and robust transition. For more information about Shutting Down, see Shutting Down.

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