The meta.xml File


The meta.xml file contains product information and various settings needed by the system, including:

This file is generated automatically by the SDK with default values that are appropriate for most of your development cycle.

When you are ready to master your application, the Wii U Application Configuration Tool helps you gather all of the configuration settings of your application and generates the production version of meta.xml. This tool is available separately from the SDK. Contact your local Nintendo developer support group for more information.

The meta.xml file is published along with your application. It cannot be changed at runtime.

meta.xml is located in your application's /meta directory at runtime. When you run your application with the caferun or cafex run launching command using PCFS, /meta is mounted from the host PC directory $CAFE_META_DIR/../meta. The launching command creates the CAFE_META_DIR environment variable to refer to host PC directory that contains your RPX file.

If meta.xml does not exist when you run your application, the launching command will create it in $CAFE_META_DIR/../meta using default values.


Parameter Type Length
version unsignedInt 4 Data structure version of the app.xml file.
common_save_size hexBinary 8 Quota size of the common save directory (in bytes).
account_save_size hexBinary 8 Quota size of the save directory for each account (in bytes).


If the application's meta.xml data structure version is older than the version in the SDK, the application's meta.xml file will be replaced by the default one. This will occur when you run your application.

Save Data Quota Size

The common_save_size and account_save_size parameters specify the maximum amount of file system storage to reserve for your application's save data.

For more information regarding save data and quotas, refer to the Game Save Overview and the Reserving Space for Save Data section.

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