Starting Up Your Application


Typically, applications are invoked by the Wii U Menu (also referred to as the "Launcher") upon selection by the user.

Relaunching the Application

Applications can also restart themselves, via the SYSRelaunchTitle function. Because published titles on Cafe are restricted to having only one executable (RPX), this is useful to simulate the legacy OSExec function, which allowed a game to chain its execution across several programs.

In the example diagram above, each level (or "dungeon" if you like) of the game is implemented as a distinct RPL. Because only one executable can exist per title, the main RPX will relaunch itself with different arguments to load the appropriate RPL for a given dungeon. For more information about RPX and RPL files, see RPX and RPL Overview.

Launching Other Applications

The base SDK does not permit titles to launch other titles. This is a privileged operation and restricted from general use.

Transition Audio and Video

When launching an application, the Wii U Menu will present the transition audio and video to the user during the boot process.

You can customize this media and place it among the metadata of your application.

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