DRC Camera Demo




This program shows how to stream camera data arriving from the DRC Camera at a CAT-DEV. It steps through:

Camera Open and Close

Press the A Button to call the CAMOpen and CAMClose functions to open and close the DRC camera.

Moving the Fulcrum of the Plane

A plane is initially displayed in the center of the screen. This shape is rotated based on the attitude data of the DRC, using the fulcrum as the center point. The position of the fulcrum can be moved forward and back by three levels with the + Button and the - Button on the DRC.


Press the X Button to reset the DRC's angle and attitude data.

Camera Framerate Change

Press the L Button to change camera frame rate between 15 FPS and 30 FPS. This feature is not supported in distributed DRC hardware and it is a secret feature for CAT-DEV MP only. If developer presses it on a CAT-DEV V4, camera demo will stop. Be careful to press the Y Button.


$CAFE_ROOT/system/src/demo/drc/camera/camera.c Demo source code

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