#include <cafe/h264.h>

typedef struct __H264DEC_OUTPUT__
    s32 FmCnt;
    H264DECResult **DecResPtr;
    void *UserMemory;
} H264DECOutput;


FmCnt Number of output frames. Indicates the number of frames that were output when the callback was invoked.
DecResPtr A pointer to a pointer to the decoded results.
UserMemory A pointer to the memory specified when setting the library parameters (with the H264DECSetParam function).


This structure has been defined so that the library output can be obtained using a callback function.

Decoded data is stored at DecResPtr in the order that it should be output: *(DecResPtr + 0), *(DecResPtr + 1), and so on.

If a callback function has two frames of decoded data, for example, FmCnt will be 2 and the decoded data will be stored in *(DecResPtr + 0) and *(DecResPtr + 1), in the order that the images should be output.

The UserMemory member variable is a pointer to the memory set in the library parameter settings by the user application using the H264DECSetParam function. By default, it is a NULL pointer.

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