H264DEC Structures

Structure Description
H264DECOutput Defined so that the library output can be obtained using a callback function.
H264DECResult Defined to configure when decoding results are output and the order in which images are output.
VUIParameters Defined for displaying decoding results.

H264DEC Basic API Functions

API Description
H264DECInitParam Sets the work memory and initializes the library.
H264DECSetParam Sets library parameters, such as the callback function pointers.
H264DECOpen Initializes the library's internal state according to configured parameters.
H264DECBegin Provides the command to start decoding.
H264DECSetBitstream Sets a one-frame bitstream to decode.
H264DECExecute Decodes data for the specified one-frame bitstream.
H264DECEnd Notifies the library to terminate stream decoding.
H264DECFlush Outputs the decoding result if it is held within the library.
H264DECClose Finalizes the library.

H264DEC Utility Functions

API Description
H264DECMemoryRequirement Calculates the work memory and frame memory required by the library.
H264DECGetImageSize Gets the image size from the Video Elementary Stream to be decoded.
H264DECFindDecstartpoint Searches for the position in the input data at which to start decoding the input data.
H264DECFindIdrpoint Searches for a position at which to start decoding within the input data.
H264DECCheckDecunitLength Retrieves the size of a single unit of decodable data.
H264DECCheckMemSegmentation Determines whether the given memory area is applicable for use.
H264DECCheckSkipableFrame Determines whether the subsequent decoding is performed correctly.

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