#include <cafe/aacdec.h>

s32 HEAACDECEnd( void *memPtr,
                 s16 **decodedPcm,
                 u16 *PcmLength,
                 u16 *outputFreqIndex);


memPtr Working memory address (Input).
decodedPcm Pointer to the starting address for the location where the decoded data from the audio data memory will be stored (Output).
PcmLength Pointer to the number of bytes of audio data (Output).
outputFreqIndex Pointer to the decoding result frequency (definition value) (Output).

Return Values

A return value of HEAACDEC_RET_OK indicates success and any other return value indicates failure. For more information about errors, see Error Codes.


Provides a notification that decoding has ended, does things like flashing the bitstream held internally. A 1-frame delay occurs when this library is outputting audio data. This function handles the processing for this delay. Call this function after the execution process HEAACDECExecute of the last frame has ended.

The frequency for the decoding result is output with a definition value rather than a direct value. For more information, see Decoding Conditions.

For information on restrictions on the working memory and audio data memory, see Memory.

For information on the starting address of the location where the decoded data from the audio data memory in the fourth argument is stored, see Starting Address of Decoded Data Location.

Do Not Call From

Background Do not call this function from the background.
Multiple threads This function is not thread-safe.

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Revision History

2014/07/14 Initial version.