HE-AAC API Functions


This section provides a reference for the API functions of the HE-AAC library.

Basic API Functions

User applications that use this library can perform the decoding process by running the following six steps (from opening through completion) after allocating working memory and audio data memory. For more information, see Decoding Process Flow.

API Description
HEAACDECOpen Open: Initializes each type of memory, initializes the HE-AAC library, and sets the decoding conditions.
HEAACDECBegin Start: Provides a notification that decoding has started.
HEAACDECExecute Execution: Decodes 1 frame of the bitstream.
HEAACDECEnd Finalization: Provides a notification that decoding has ended, does things like flashing the bitstream held internally.
HEAACDECClose Completion: Closes the HE-AAC library.
HEAACDECRestart Execution Preprocessing: Performs the necessary preprocessing for continuous execution.

Utility Function

The utility function below has been prepared to make more efficient use of memory.

API Description
HEAACDECMemoryRequirement Calculates the working memory size based on the decoding requirements.

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