#include <cafe/mp4dmx.h>

///MP4Movie Header Information Structure
typedef struct{
    ///moov header size
    s32     size;
    ///time scale
    s32     timescale;
    ///moov Play Time(Conversion time scale)
    u64     duration;
    ///Total playing time, including the fragment(Conversion time scale)
    u64     fragment_duration;
    ///A flag that indicates whether an mvex Box exists
    s32     mvexbox_exist_flag;
    ///Playback Rate
    s32     rate;
    ///Playback volume
    s32     volume;
    ///The number of tracks contained in the moov header
    s32     track_num;
    ///Major Brand
    u8      major_brand[5];
    ///Minor Version
    s32     minor_version;
    ///Number of Compatible Brands
    s32     compatible_brands_num;
    ///Compatible Brand
    u8      compatible_brands[MP4DMX_COMPATIBLE_DATA_LENGTH];
    ///Creation Time
    u64     creation_time;
    ///Modification Time
    u64     modification_time;
    ///The number of bytes Title information
    s32     title_length;
    ///The number of bytes Author information
    s32     author_length;
    ///The number of bytes Copyright information
    s32     copyright_length;
    ///The number of bytes Description
    s32     description_length;
    ///language code of title
    u16     title_language;
    ///language code of auther
    u16     author_language;
    ///language code of copyright
    u16     copyright_language;
    ///language code of description
    u16     description_language;
    u8      title[MP4DMX_UDTA_DATA_LENGTH];
    u8      author[MP4DMX_UDTA_DATA_LENGTH];
    u8      copyright[MP4DMX_UDTA_DATA_LENGTH];
    u8      description[MP4DMX_UDTA_DATA_LENGTH];
} MP4DMXMpoMp4HeaderInf;


size The size of the moov header.
timescale The time scale.
duration The moov playback time (in time scale units).
fragment_duration The total playback time, including fragments (in time scale units).
mvexBox_exist_flag A flag that indicates whether an mvex Box exists.
This is MP4DMX_MVEX_BOX_EXIST when there is an mvex Box.
rate The playback rate.
volume The playback volume.
track_num The number of tracks in the moov header.
major_brand The major brand.
minor_version The minor version.
compatible_brands_num The number of compatible brands.
compatible_brands The compatible brands. There are compatible_brands_num 4-byte strings stored as the compatible brands.
When compatible_brands_num is 4, for example, compatible_brands is avc1mmp43gp53gp4.
creation_time The file's creation time.
modification_time The file's last modification time.
title_length The number of bytes of title information.
author_length The number of bytes of author information.
copyright_length The number of bytes of copyright information.
description_length The number of bytes in the description.
title_language The title's language code.
author_language The author's language code.
copyright_language The copyright's language code.
description_language The description's language code.
title Title information.
author Author information.
copyright Copyright information.
description The description.

Original Data Referenced by the MP4DMXMpoMp4HeaderInf Structure

Member Variable Referencing Source
size moov->size
timescale mvhd->time_scale
duration mvhd->duration
fragment_duration mehd->fragment_duration
mvexbox_exist_flag mvex
rate mvhd->rate
volume mvhd->volume
track_num moov
major_brand ftyp->major_brand
minor_version ftyp-> minor_version
compatible_brands_num ftyp
compatible_brands ftyp-> compatible_brands
creation_time mvhd -> creation_time
modification_time mvhd -> modification_time
title_length titl
author_length auth
copyright_length cprt
description_length dscp
title_language titl->language
author_language auth-> language
copyright_language cprt-> language
description_language dscp-> language
title titl->title
author auth->author
copyright cprt->notice
description dscp->caption


This structure stores the header information that the library retrieves from MP4 data files. It can be retrieved using the utility functions for retrieving header information.

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