Basic API Functions

API Description
MP4DMXOpen Initializes the library.
MP4DMXBegin Sends a notification to start demultiplexing.
MP4DMXFindHeader Gets the position and size of a MovieBox and MovieFragmentBox in an MP4 data file.
MP4DMXReadHeader Parses a FileTypeBox, MovieBox, MovieFragmentBox, MovieFragmentRandomAccessBox, or MovieFragmentRandomAccessOffsetBox.
MP4DMXExecute Seeks and demultiplexes.
MP4DMXEnd Stops demultiplexing.
MP4DMXClose Closes the library.

Utility Functions

API Description
MP4DMXGetHeaderInf Gets the header information parsed by MP4DMXReadHeader.
MP4DMXGetTrackInf Gets attributes specific to a track.
MP4DMXGetVideoTrackInf Gets information for a video track.
MP4DMXGetAudioTrackInf Gets information for an audio track.
MP4DMXGetAVCSpecificInf Gets SequenceParameterSet and PictureParameterSet information from an AVCConfigurationBox.
MP4DMXGetDecoderSpecificInf Gets the DecoderSpecificInfo within the specified track's ESDBox.


Structure Description
MP4DMXMpoPARAMETER Stores the input parameters configured when the library is initialized.
MP4DMXMpoOutputFunction Configures the callback function pointer and handle.
MP4DMXMpoDATA Stores basic audio and video data (media data) passed to the callback function.
MP4DMXMpoUNIT Stores media data size, display timestamp, track index, and other attributes of media data.
MP4DMXMpoMp4HeaderInf Stores the header information that the library retrieves from MP4 data files.
MP4DMXMpoMp4TrackInf Stores track information obtained from the MP4 data file by the library.
MP4DMXMpoMp4VideoTrackInf Stores video track information retrieved from the MP4 data file by the library.
MP4DMXMpoMp4AudioTrackInf Stores audio track information retrieved by the library from the MP4 data file.
MP4DMXAvcConfig Gets information about AVC configuration data.

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