The following describes how to use the HE-AAC decoder sampling application (aacdemo).

Operations can be tested by specifying the file and parameter in the "TestData_SET" structure defined in src/aacdemo.c. In case of stereo, decoded PCM data is output as an area in which L and R in that particular order are arranged continuously per frame.

Only the most basic AX voice configuration is used. For more sophisticated audio manipulation and output routing see the Sound System Demos.

Because file input/output between the production machine and PC is performed via the following folders, check the folder composition before running the application.

TestData_SET Structure Members

InputAACBitStreamName Input AAC Bitstream (raw_block_data excluding the ADTS header) File.
InputAACSizeName File for which AAC frame size is indicated in 16-bit binary format.
OutputAACPCMName Output WAVE File.
TempDataName Output PCM File.
SampleIndex Sampling Frequency (Hz) Index.
ChannelNum Number of Channels (1 or 2).

* See the AACDEC External Specification for more information on "Sampling Frequency (Hz) Index".

FYI: This HE-AAC decoder library also supports LE-AAC outputs.

Test Data

AAC Bitstream File 1_32kHz_stereo.aac
Frame Size File 1_32kHz_stereo.size
Sampling Frequency Index 5
Number of Channels 2 (stereo)
Number of Frames 3813
Runtime 913 (seconds)


aacdemo.c Demo source code.

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