GamePad (DRC) Microphone API Functions

Function Description
mic_handle_t Issued by the microphone driver when a DRC device initializes. It is used to reference the device instance in microphone library API calls.
mic_pcm_sample_t Defines a PCM sample as a short integer; a signed, 16-bit integer.
mic_ringbuffer_t Pointer to an array of type mic_pcm_sample_t that is the base address of the shared ring buffer.
mic_state_t Gets specified microphone state.
mic_status_t Gets specified microphone status.
MICClose Stop streaming audio samples from the DRC microphone.
MICGetState Queries microphone specific properties for current values.
MICGetStatus Queries the present status of the ring buffer. It shows the number of samples available in the ring buffer and the index to those samples.
MICInit Validates the specified parameters, and then initializes the driver stack.
MICOpen Starts streaming audio data from the selected DRC microphone.
MICSetDataConsumed Keeps the shared ring buffer state coherent between the microphone driver and the actual data consumption.
MICSetState Sets microphone-specific values.
MICUninit Shuts down the DRC microphone driver stack unconditionally.

Revision History

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2013-04-24 Initial version