DRC Microphone Demo




This program shows how to stream audio arriving from the DRC Microphone through an AX voice. It steps through:

  1. Initializing and opening the microphone subsystem
  2. Creating an AX voice to manage the audio
  3. Routing the audio data retrieved from the DRC through that voice

Only the most basic AX voice configuration is used. For more sophisticated audio manipulation and output routing see the Sound System Demos.

How to run

  1. Turn on the DRC by pressing the POWER Button.
  2. make run
  3. The sound received at the DRC microphone is played back from the TV.
  4. DRC screen shows you current gain level, as well as the default gain level that DRC remembers. Change gain level using the +Control Pad of the DRC, and update the default setting by pressing A Button of the DRC.


$CAFE_ROOT/system/src/demo/drc/mic/mic.c Demo source code.

Revision History

2015/02/10 Added link to demos.
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2012/03/08 Added the description of execution procedure
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