USB Microphone Demo




This program shows how to stream audio arriving from the USB Microphone through an AX voice. It steps through:

Only the most basic AX voice configuration is used. For more sophisticated audio manipulation and output routing see the Sound System demos.

PCM samples received from the USB microphone subsystem are not copied or manipulated in this demo. The current position in the ring buffer is used to point the audio system to the next chunk to be DMA'ed.

How to run

  1. Open a Cafe Cygwin shell and path to the demo folder.
  2. Run the command 'make run'.
  3. Plug in one or two USB microphones.
  4. As a microphone is plugged in or removed the vid, pid, host, and port information is displayed on the console.
  5. The sound received at the microphones is played back from the TV as soon as a sufficient number of samples has been received to assure gapless playback.


$CAFE_ROOT/system/src/demo/usb/uac/ax_uac.c Demo source code

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