MIDI Adapter (MIDI) Sample Demos




These are sample demos that illustrate the use of the MIDI Adapter library. Start the sample programs after connecting the MIDI adapter to the Nintendo GameCube Controller Socket 4, and connecting your MIDI device to the MIDI adapter. The audio you produce when operating the MIDI device will emanate from the TV speakers.

The TV screen displays all data received from the MIDI adapter. However, these sample programs do not support all MIDI messages. Certain kinds of MIDI messages (such as exclusive messages) are filtered out within the program and not sent to the synthesizer.

Required Data Files

Source Code Files

main.c Contains code for initializing various modules, the main loop, and threads for getting MIDI signals.
synth.h, synth.c The synthesizer module. MIDI messages obtained by MIDI Adapter functions are filtered and then sent to this synthesizer.
midiqueue.h, midiqueue.c Queue that caches the data obtained by MIDI Adapter functions. This is set up so that exclusive messages are ignored.

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