Host IO Demos




target/hio_demo Main demo program for Host IO; runs on Cafe.
host/PingDemo.exe PC application used by hio_demo.
host/DataDemo.exe PC application used by hio_demo.


hio_demo shows how to establish Host IO connections and communicate simultaneously with multiple programs running on the host PC.

PingDemo.exe is a basic host PC client that exchanges packets with hio_demo. In this example, the Cafe program sends "ping" messages to which the PC will respond with "ACK" messages.

DataDemo.exe exchanges large blocks of data (1 MB) with hio_demo. In this example, hio_demo sends data to the host PC, which verifies the data and sends more data back.

To run this demo, build and run hio_demo. After running, invoke PingDemo.exe and DataDemo.exe on the host PC.

When hio_demo has exchanged one transaction with both the PingDemo.exe and the DataDemo.exe programs, it will exit. Note that the PC programs will be notified that hio_demo has disconnected, and will exit as well.

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