Cafe SDK Build System


The Cafe SDK uses a GNU makefile-based system to build its constituent modules and programs. The makefile system is fairly complex and requires the Cygwin bash shell environment.

This guide describes the basic structure and procedures for building the components of the SDK.

This guide also describes how to build external applications that depend on the Cafe SDK, using examplemake. Integrating external applications directly into the Cafe SDK build system is non-trivial; the examplemake demo simplifies this task.

SDK Directory Structure

For reference, the basic structure of the Cafe SDK is summarized in the table below.

Path under ($CAFE_ROOT) Description
system/docs/ Reference documentation, such as the manual pages.
system/bin/tool/ Tools and scripts for building the SDK.
system/bin/win32/ Host PC tools for using various features of the Cafe system.
system/bin/ghs/cafe/ Built Cafe applications and binaries are installed here.
system/include/ Header files for all SDK libraries and modules are installed here.
system/lib/ Built libraries and modules are installed here.
system/src/ Source code for libraries, demos, and tools.
system/src/build/ Rules and definitions for the makefile system.
CAFE_ROOT is a Cygwin shell environment variable that contains the installation path of the Cafe SDK.

Building the Cafe SDK

Source code is provided for demo programs and selected libraries of the Cafe SDK. All of these components can be built hierarchically from the top-level makefile, located at the $CAFE_ROOT/system/src directory.

For information on how to build the components of the Cafe SDK, see Building the Cafe SDK.

Building Applications with Examplemake

The Cafe SDK includes a set of simple makefiles called examplemake that show how to build Cafe applications.

For more information, see Building with Examplemake.

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