Configure a CAT-DEV for Standalone Mode

The process for running a game in standalone mode requires many of the same steps required to prepare a game for the optical disc. It is possible to use the same "master" image on both the built-in hard drive and an optical disc.

Automated Procedure

Use cafex headlessrun for automating this procedure. The script performs all of the steps listed in the manual procedure and runs the application from disc.

Use the -n option so that the script can stop at step 7 in the manual procedure to allow you to disconnect the network cable.

Manual Procedure

  1. Configure the CAT-DEV to boot from PCFS mode. For more information, see Change CAT-DEV Boot Modes.
  2. Create a WUMAD file for the application. For more information, see Mastering Cafe Applications.
  3. Upload the WUMAD file to the internal CAT-DEV hard drive. For more information, see "Writing an Image to the Hard Drive" section of HDD Emulation.
  4. Test the hard drive image. For more information, see the "Running an Application from the Hard Drive" section of HDD Emulation.
  5. Configure the CAT-DEV for boot from NAND mode. For more information, see Change CAT-DEV Boot Modes.
  6. Set the Host Bridge to "H-Reader Mode"
    Disconnecting the Ethernet cable will automatically put the CAT-DEV into H-Reader mode. Plugging the cable back in will return it to CAT-DEV mode. The following steps are preserved for history's sake.
    1. The CAT-DEV is in the cafestop state at this point.
    2. Open a web browser, and then type the CAT-DEV IP address in the address bar, and then click Enter.
    3. Click .
    4. Change the Operational ModParameters Setting option to H-Reader Mode.
    5. Click Write.
  7. Disconnect the Ethernet cable.
  8. Turn the CAT-DEV on by using the POWER Button on the front of the unit, not the switch on the side of the unit.
  9. In the System Config Tool, click Launch.
  10. Click the title id on the odd02 device. By default, the title id is 0005000011000000.

See Also

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