CAT-DEV Web Page: Disc Time Emulation


This feature allows you to emulate the read speed of a CAT-R disc using a CAT-DEV and requires Bridge firmware 00.14.70 or higher, which is included in the Host Bridge software starting from

Enabling Time Emulation

To enable the feature, you must go to the CAT-DEV web page by entering in the IP address of the CAT-DEV into a web browser.

CAT-DEV Home Page

After you are on the home page, you should see a button labeled Disc Emulation. After pressing that, you will be redirected to a page that has various disc emulation settings, including time emulation.

Disc Emulation Configuration

To enable the time emulation, press the button labeled Enable Time Emulation and likewise to disable it, press the button labeled Disable Time Emulation.

Disc Time Emulation Enabled

Running an Application with Emulation Enabled

To use the time emulation feature, you must run an application via cafediscrun, running a wumad, or uploading a wumad.

cafex discrun <Path-to-RPX>
cafex run -e wumad:<Path-to-Wumad>
cafex run -e h:<bank> -e mcp:launch_hint:odd <Path-to-RPX>
cafex headlessrun <Path-to-RPX>
It is recommended you upload a WUMAD and use the CAT-DEV hard drive to emulate CAT-R disc. Please see Writing an Image to the Hard Drive or cafex headlessrun. However, when running an application with cafex discrun or cafex run -e wumad, it is recommended that you direct connect to your CAT-DEV with a static IP address to eliminate any network interferences with the timing. Please see Direct Connection

Configuring Timing Delta

To manipulate the time emulation on the fly, there is a configurable delta value that decreases or increases the global read speed in nanoseconds. A value of -1700000 was determined to be a good medium for a generic setting across the board and is the default setting if no value has been set. However, if you wish to change it, there is a command line tool that can do just that. Do note that negative values increase the read speed and positive values decrease the speed.

mionurl -v <IP> /mion/status.cgi operation=emu_set_ahci_delay delta=<X>

Where <IP> is the IP address to the CAT-DEV and <X> is the value to set the delta to.

Welcome to the Nintendo CAFE!
Environment initialized for this session only.
 SDK_VER          = 2.13.00
 CAFE_ROOT        = /cygdrive/f/cafetrunk
 ENV_BIN          = /cygdrive/f/cafetrunk/env/bin
 PLATFORM         = cafe
 CAFE_CONSOLE     = cattoucan
 CAFE_HARDWARE    = catdevmp
 CAFE_CONTENT_DIR = /cygdrive/f/cafetrunk/data/disc/content
 CAFE_SAVE_DIR    = /cygdrive/f/cafetrunk/data/save
 CAFE_SLC_DIR     = /cygdrive/f/cafetrunk/data/slc
 CAFE_MLC_DIR     = /cygdrive/f/cafetrunk/data/mlc


bash ~
$ mionurl -v $BRIDGE_CURRENT_IP_ADDRESS /mion/status.cgi operation=emu_set_ahci_delay delta=-1700000
mionurl: Result=<HTML>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ASCII">
dsata_emu_set_ahci_delay set delay to -1700000<br>
Emulation accuracy may vary depending on the location of the content and read method (random or sequential).

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