CAT-DEV System Update

Use the cafeupdate command to directly update a recent SDK version to a different, recent, SDK version. For more information, see New CAT-DEV System Update.

See Also

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Running Applications

Revision History

2015/02/24 Remove obsolete methods of updating a CAT-DEV.
2014/02/11 Added note on SN and one-shot updater.
2013/09/11 Updated for DUAL bootloader being default
2013/05/08 Automated cleanup pass.
2013/04/03 Simplify by removing deprecated SDK versions.
2013/02/15 Edit pass
2012/06/22 Clarify upgrade path to SDK 2.06.
2012/05/04 Clarify upgrade path to SDK 2.04.
2012/04/13 Description of NAND and PCFS boot modes for SDK 2.04.
2011/12/21 New description for new cafeupdate in SDK 2.0.
2011/02/21 Initial version.