Set Up Your Development Environment

To help ensure that the CAT-DEV system setup is successful, perform the installation and setup steps in the order that they are listed. The steps to set up the Cafe SDK and the CAT-DEV system are:

  1. Install the base SDK on the host PC.
  2. Install the Docs Patch for the documentation.
  3. Install the Demo Patch for the demo programs.
  4. Set up the CAT-DEV, install the Host Bridge Software on the host PC, and update the Host Bridge firmware on the CAT-DEV.
  5. Set the default device.
  6. New CAT-DEV System Update
  7. Launch the System Configuration Tool
  8. Install the MULTI tool chain from Green Hills Software on the host PC.
  9. Update the boot firmware on the CAT-DEV.
  10. Set up the DRC and update its firmware.

Detailed steps are provided in this section.

Revision History

2014-01-22 Added Set Default Device, System Update, and Launch SysConfigTool steps. Removed install cygwin step and rearranged other steps.
2013-12-05 Added Docs and Updater Patch steps.
2013-05-08 Automated cleanup pass.
2013-01-15 Initial version.