Supported CAT-DEV Devkits

The SDK provides support for a CAT-DEV (devkit) with a Wii U GamePad (DRC-DK MP or DRC-DK-TV) and a Wii U Pro Controller. For more information about supported features and known issues, see the release notes included in the +SDK release package.

The instructions in this document pertain to CAT-DEV units only. For instructions on using CAT-R units, see the Cafe SDK CAT-R QuickStart Guide.

Multiple Devkits

It is recommended that no more than 16 CAT-DEV units be connected to a single host PC in the development environment. The actual number of CAT-DEV units that may be connected to a host PC varies, depending on the hardware configuration of the host PC that the devkits are connected to and the network environment. For more information about using multiple devkits, see Multiple Devkit Feature.

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