Troubleshoot CAT-DEV Issues

Troubleshoot Network Installation and Setup Issues

Findbridge Can't Find CAT-DEV - Broadcast Packets Not Allowed on LAN

The CAT-DEV tool chain uses TCP/IP broadcast packets to find CAT-DEVs by name or MAC address if the IP address is unknown. However, many corporate network environments do not allow broadcast packets and filter them at the router level.

Try using a local switch to connect the host PC and the CAT-DEV to your network. A local, unmanaged switch provides a direct routing path between the host PC and the CAT-DEV, bypassing this restriction.

You may also use a static IP configuration for the CAT-DEV. However, if broadcast packets are not allowed, connect the host PC directly to the CAT-DEV. For more information, see Direct Connection in the Alternate Connections section.

Findbridge Can't Find CAT-DEV - Operation Across Broadcast Domains

The CAT-DEV cannot communicate with a host PC from a different broadcast domain. Ensure that the CAT-DEV and the host PC are in the same broadcast domain. Consult your IT department for details.

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Findbridge Can't Find CAT-DEV - Windows Firewall

The Windows Firewall may interfere with operation of the findbridge tool. To unblock the tool:

  1. On the host PC with Windows 7, click Start, click Control Panel, click System and Security, and then click Windows Firewall.
  2. Click Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall.
  3. Click the check box in the Home/Work column, next to FindBridge.

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Findbridge Can't Find CAT-DEV Connected to UnManaged Switch - Operation From VPN to Another Network

The CAT-DEV is not reachable if the Local LAN Access feature is not allowed on the network. If it is allowed, enable the Allow Local LAN Access feature in your VPN client.

Cannot Acquire IP Address - DHCP Unavailable

If DHCP is disabled in your network environment, configure a static IP address on the CAT-DEV. Because DHCP is not available, you must connect the host PC and CAT-DEV together directly. For more information, see the Direct Connection in the Alternate Connections section.

After you have establish a direct connection with the CAT-DEV and can access the configuration page for the host bridge, follow the instructions in the Set Up A Static IP Address section of Direct Connection.

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Restore Factory Default Network Settings

As a last resort for CAT-DEV connection issues, you may restore the CAT-DEV network configuration parameters to the factory default settings:

  1. Ensure that the CAT-DEV is turned on.
  2. Press and hold the INIT Button on the front panel of the CAT-DEV for at least 4 seconds.

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CAT-DEV LED Descriptions

There are several LEDs on the front of the CAT-DEV that show information about the state of MION and CAFE. For information about the LEDs, see Devkit LEDs

cafe.bat opens with a warning message.

When you open cafe.bat, you receive the following warning message.

WARNING: GHS MULTI.EXE not found at C:\ghs\multixxxx\


mionps: ERROR: MIONTCPSession to ip returned error code 5

The cafe.bat script expects a specific version of MULTI as documented in the Cafe SDK Release Notes. If you have installed a later version of MULTI, and wish to avoid a warning message, update the MULTI version referenced in cafe.bat to match the version of MULTI that you installed.

  1. Navigate to the location where you installed the Cafe SDK, right-click cafe.bat, and then click Edit. The cafe.bat script opens in a text editor.
  2. Find the line that says set GHS_ROOT=C:\ghs\multi53xx, where "53xx" corresponds to the expected version of MULTI such as "5318", and then change the version to match the version of MULTI that you downloaded and installed. For example, if you installed MULTI version 5.3.19, then change the version in the code to set GHS_ROOT=C:\ghs\multi5319.
  3. Click File, click Save, and then close the editor.

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Troubleshoot DRC Issues

Posting your DRC issue for discussion

If you encounter DRC issues and want to post the issue for feedback from other developers or Nintendo technical support, it would be helpful to have as much information at possible. Use the suggested form found on DRC Bug Report Form to help you collect and post the information necessary to help others understand your problem.

Troubleshoot Update Issues

Updating a CAT-DEV fails with error −262146

Update of the boot1 image will fail when there are multiple directories under the update directory, which is %CAFE_ROOT%\data\mlc\sys\update\pcfs. The failure message is:

Update /vol/storage_hfiomlc01/sys/update/pcfs Failed: -262146

The ON (Blue) LED also blinks.

To resolve this issue, please delete any directories under %CAFE_ROOT%\data\mlc\sys\update\pcfs which were not originally packaged in the SDK.

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Troubleshoot Demo Failure Issues

SDK demos fail to run due to file permission errors on the host PC

Sometimes, SDK demos may fail to run because of errors related to file permissions on the host PC. For example, you may see the following error message:

exception::handle: Exception:STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION

To work around these issues, run rebaseall from an ash or dash shell command prompt:

  1. Close all Cygwin command shells.
  2. Open a Windows CMD shell.
  3. Navigate to the cygwin\bin folder. By default, this location is C:\cygwin\bin.
  4. Invoke ash rebaseall or dash rebaseall.

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Troubleshoot Boot Mode Issues

Recover a CAT-DEV with NAND-related issues

Sometimes there are difficulties switching to NAND boot mode, because of rare NAND corruption issues. To recover from such a scenario and return to PCFS boot mode try one of the following options.

  1. Option 1: Use System Config Tool to switch from NAND boot mode to PCFS boot mode:
    1. Open a Cafe shell
    2. Run the cafex on command
    3. Using the Wii Classic Controller select Update in System Config Tool
    4. Using the Wii Classic Controller install the "pcfs" update package
    5. Open another Cafe shell
    6. In the new Cafe shell, run the cafex cleardata command.
  2. Option 2: Use Cafe recover:
    1. Open a Cafe shell
    2. Run the cafex recover command. This step will format the NAND on the CAT-DEV and leave it in a clean state
  3. Option 3: Use the setbootmode command:
    1. Open a Cafe shell
    2. Run the cafex setbootmode NAND command. This step will format the NAND on the CAT-DEV and leave it in a clean state (for that SDK)
    3. To revert to PCFS, run the cafex setbootmode PCFS command
  4. Option 4: Use the "recovery" method:
    1. Power off the CAT-DEV
    2. Press the POWER Button and EJECT Button on the CAT-DEV at the same time to boot to recovery mode
    3. Open a Cafe shell
    4. Run cattoucan -p localhost:6001 to monitor the CAT-DEV status
    5. Open another Cafe shell
    6. In the new Cafe shell, run the following command:
      devkitmsg 'update /vol/storage_hfiomlc01/sys/update/pcfs'
    During the recovery process, the CAT-DEV LEDs blink in an ON-OFF-CC sequence.

To return the CAT-DEV to PCFS boot mode after successfully using one of these options, ensure that CAFE_BOOT_MODE is set to PCFS in your environment. If none of these options work, contact your local Nintendo developer software support group.

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The "cafex run" command fails

If a CAT-DEV configured to boot from NAND is not powered on when cafex run is called, it will result in the cafex run command failing.

For example:

$ make run
Building/Installing demo/helloworld DEBUG

>> Compiling helloworld
caferun   -b  -w 0    /cygdrive/k/sdk/cafe_sdk/system/bin/ghs/cafe/demo/helloworld/DEBUG/helloworld.rpx
caferun: Will use NAND file system
caferun: bridge parameters:  -em
caferun: Copying default config file to /cygdrive/k/sdk/cafe_sdk/system/bin/ghs/cafe/demo/helloworld/DEBUG/app.xml
caferun: Copying default config file to /cygdrive/k/sdk/cafe_sdk/system/bin/ghs/cafe/demo/helloworld/DEBUG/cos.xml
Updating title id, group id and app type in /cygdrive/k/sdk/cafe_sdk/data/disc/meta/meta.xml, based on /cygdrive/k/sdk/cafe_sdk/system/bin/ghs/cafe/demo/helloworld/DEBUG/app.xml...
devkitmsg failed: timed out waiting for response (258)
make[1]: *** [rerun_binary] Error 127

make: *** [rerun] Error 2

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The "cafex run" and "cafex setbootmode PCFS" commands fail

If the Boot Mode is set to NAND and the System Mode is set to Production, the cafex run and cafex setbootmode PCFS commands fail. To use these commands, you must to change the System Mode. To learn how to change the System Mode, see Change CAT-DEV Boot Modes. The new setting is enabled after restarting.

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The "cafex on" and "cafex run" commands fail

If the Boot Mode is set to PCFS and the System Mode is set to Production, the cafex on and cafex run commands fail. You must edit dev_mode in the system.xml file to recover. To learn how to change dev_mode, see System Config Tool: Boot Configuration.

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The CAT-DEV only boots into System Config Tool

When a CAT-DEV is configured to boot from NAND, but CAFE_BOOT_MODE is set erroneously set to PCFS, cafex run will always load the default title, which in this case is System Config Tool.

When this behavior is encountered, ensure that CAFE_BOOT_MODE is set to NAND in the Cafe shell.

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The "cafex run", "cafex on", or other cafex command fails with mismatched boot mode

The SDK now keeps the current boot mode setting (NAND or PCFS) in a configuration area inside its CAT-DEV. If a cafex run, cafex on, or cafex command fails with the following message:

ERROR: __CATDEVStateMgr_BootMismatch: Environment boot mode [PCFS] does not match CATDEV boot mode [NAND]

then the CAT-DEV has been configured for NAND boot mode but the cafe.bat session's CAFE_BOOT_MODE environment variable is set to PCFS.

To resolve this issue, either:

  1. re-export CAFE_BOOT_MODE to the correct value (NAND) and re-run; or alternatively,
  2. close and re-open the cafex_env.bat session, as the CAT-DEV’s internal state determines the setting of CAFE_BOOT_MODE for the next session.

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Troubleshoot Screen Issues

The screen of a device attached to a CAT-DEV dims

The screen on the TV or DRC that is connected to the CAT-DEV becomes dimmed.

To resolve this issue:

Set the Screen Burn-In Reduction option from the HOME Menu (HBM) and/or set the Auto Dimming option using the System Config Tool.

To set the Auto Dimming option using the System Config Tool, choose Other Setting. The Auto Dimming option is set to Use by default. To enable the screen not to dim, set the option to Not Use.

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