Start Up and Shut Down Your CAT-DEV

At this point, you have set up the CAT-DEV hardware, established communications between the host PC and the CAT-DEV, installed everything, set the default device, and paired the GamePad with the CAT-DEV.

When you turn your CAT-DEV on and press the POWER Button on the front, the blue ON light illuminates but nothing happens on your TV or monitor. This is because a CAT-DEV, right out of the box, is not configured to work without being attached to the host PC. While you may change this, we will not worry about it for now.

Right now, we will start up the CAT-DEV using the host PC and load the System Config Tool. The System Config Tool helps you pair your GamePad to the CAT-DEV, adjust system settings, and perform various other functions.

Unless you changed it, the CAT-DEV starts up with the display mode set to AUTO. This means that the system attempts to display the highest video setting possible (1080p HDMI), and goes down the list until it detects a valid setting. Ensure that only the video cable that you intend to use is plugged into the CAT-DEV and that your TV is set to the desired video option before turning the system ON.

To start up the CAT-DEV

  1. Press the ON/OFF power switch on the side of the CAT-DEV to move it to the ON position. On the front of the CAT-DEV, the red OFF light is illuminated. Wait for the blue STAT light to be illuminated. This symbolizes that the system is idle and listening for commands.
  2. On the host PC, navigate to the folder where you installed the Cafe SDK, and then double-click cafex_env.bat. The Windows CMD shell opens.
  3. At the command prompt, type cafex on, and then press ENTER. The blue ON light illuminates, and the Wii U logo appears on the TV screen. After a few seconds, the System Config Tool is displayed.

The System Config Tool may be navigated with a variety of controller types:

The System Config Tool starts in the Japanese language by default. Use the +Control Pad on any of the above controllers to highlight the Language option, and then press the A Button to select the option, and then use the +Control Pad to find your desired language. For more information about how to use the System Config Tool and the available options and settings, see System Config Tool.

To shut down the CAT-DEV

Similar to starting up the CAT-DEV, shutting down the CAT-DEV is done on the host PC. It is recommended that you exit applications and shut down the system as follows:

  1. In your cafex_env.bat session, press CTRL-C to break the terminal connection.
  2. At the command prompt, type cafex stop, and then press ENTER.
  3. The CAT-DEV stops any running applications and then returns to the idle state. To turn the CAT-DEV completely off, press the ON/OFF power switch on the side of the system to the OFF position.

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