CAT-R Warnings

Export Related Warnings

The following development tools are equipped with encryption functionality that may be restricted by Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law, Export Trade Control Order, Foreign Exchange Order, etc. For this reason, when exporting from one foreign country to another, special export applications or licenses may be required. When exporting from one foreign country to another, follow all applicable export regulations.

Hardware Software
CAT-R unit CAT-R built-in software.
(CAT-R includes built-in encryption software, so applications must be submitted for software in addition to hardware.)
DRC-DK unit
Wii Remote Plus

An export application is also necessary in the case of exporting a portion of the above tools.

Warnings When Connecting the DRC-DK MP

Do not make wireless connections between the CAT-R and DRC-DK MP outside of the country where they were purchased. Doing so could put the user in violation of the (Japanese) Radio Act. Also, a CAT-R is for indoor use only. Using it outdoors could put the user in violation of the (Japanese) Radio Act.

Wireless communication between the CAT-R and the DRC-DK MP uses the 5-GHz band of the wireless spectrum. If other IEEE 802.11a/11ac access points, or wireless devices in the same area, also use the same 5-GHz band, the signals from the CAT-R and the other device could interfere with each other. This would result in unstable communication for both.

If interference occurs, the screen on the DRC-DK MP may appear jumpy and be unusable. If possible, change the specification used by the access point or wireless device to IEEE 802.11b/g/n, which use the 2.4-GHz frequency band. If changing the specification is not an option, this issue can be improved by moving the CAT-R and DRC-DK MP as far from the access point or wireless device as possible.

Warnings When Using Multiple Units

Up to four DRC-DK MP units can be used wirelessly at the same location. Wireless connections to five or more DRC-DK MP units could result in mutual interference and unstable communication.

For more information, see the Cautions When Using Multiple Units section of the DRC-DK MP/DRC-DK-TV manual.

Warnings When Applying System Updates

During an update, do not power off or remove discs or SD Cards from the CAT-R. Doing so could result in malfunctions.

Particularly, repairs will be required if power to the unit is lost during a CAT-R update. Do not power off the CAT-R until the update has completed.

Disc-Related Warnings

The disc drive in a CAT-R differs from the disc drive in a Wii U. The disc drive is exclusively for the CAT-R and cannot read discs other than CAT-R discs (such as commercially available Wii or Wii U game discs).

Do not use CAT-R discs that are cracked, warped, or restored. Doing so could cause damage to the disc inside the CAT-R, which could result in injuries or malfunctions.

Warranty-Related Warnings

The warranty for issues caused by the CAT-R hardware is for six months from the date the unit was shipped. Charges occur for hardware-related repairs after the warranty has expired.

Disassembling the development hardware is prohibited. Units that show any evidence of having been disassembled will not be supported or repaired under any circumstances, even when within the warranty period.

Settings for Final Debugging

The final debugging prior to master submission must be performed in the stipulated environment. For more information about final debugging, see your local Nintendo support organization.

Usage Environment

Do not stack CAT-R units on top of each other. Doing so could result in signal interference between CAT-R units, the inability to dissipate heat, and malfunctions or other incorrect operations.

Notes About Disposal

When disposing of a CAT-R unit, do so in compliance with applicable local regulations. If you have any questions regarding disposal, please contact Nintendo Development Parts Group (

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