Set Up the CAT-R and Update the Firmware

In the following steps, you will set up your CAT-R, and then update the CAT-R firmware.

Set Up the CAT-R

To set up the CAT-R

  1. Using the power cable, plug the CAT-R in to an electrical outlet.
    CAT-R System
  2. Connect the CAT-R to a television using the HDMI or other video cable.
  3. To turn the CAT-R on, press the POWER Button on the front of the kit.
  4. After the CAT-R starts up, the System Config Tool is displayed on the television screen.

CAT-R System Update

You must use CAT-R discs that have Wii U and Nintendo trademarks.

CAT-R Discs

Perform the following steps for all updates in the sequence that is listed in the Development Hardware Update Sequence table in the Important: System Update Sequence for Development Hardware announcement on the Wii U page of your local Nintendo developer support group website.

To update the CAT-R firmware

  1. Log on to the Wii U Home page of your local Nintendo developer support group website, and then click DevHardware.
  2. Download the following packages:
    • Wii U R-Disc Writing Tool
    • CAT-R Updater: SDK 2.07.03 to SDK 2.08.11
    • CAT-R Updater: SDK 2.04.02 to SDK 2.07.02
  3. Extract the Wii U R-Disc Writing Tool package to an empty directory on the host PC.
  4. Navigate to the location where you extracted the Wii U R-Disc Writing Tool package, and then double-click wuwriter.exe in the WiiU-DiscWritingTool-YYYYMMDD/bin directory.
  5. To open the tray on the CAT-R Writer, click Eject.
  6. Insert a blank CAT-R disc in the tray, and then click Load to close the tray.
  7. Click Open.
  8. In the updater package that corresponds to the SDK version that you want to use, select uup.wumad, and then click Open.
  9. To select the CAT-R Writer, click the icon in the box that corresponds to the drive that you want to use. The box turns blue to indicate that it is selected.
  10. Click Write.
  11. Click OK in the dialog box, and then wait for the writing process to complete.

    The R-Disc burning process takes approximately 25 minutes for a 25 GB image. If a .wumad file is used, the software automatically pads the image to 25 GB before beginning the burn process, which increases the processing time.
  12. Click Eject, remove the disc from the writer, and then click Load to close the tray.
  13. If not already turned on, turn the CAT-R ON, and then insert the R-Disc.
  14. On the System Config Tool Root Menu, click Boot Configuration. For information about System Config Tool, see the System Configuration Tool section.
  15. On the Boot Configuration menu, verify that System Mode is set to Development Mode and that Memory Size for Application is set to 2GB (Development). This helps assure a successful system update.
  16. On the System Config Tool Root Menu, click Update System.
  17. Similar to disc applications, update packages have the odd0x identifier. SDKs are annotated by their major, minor and micro versions. For example, the SDK 2.09.02 option is displayed as "/vol/storage_odd0x/update/020902". On the Update System menu, select the title named sdkxxx to update.
  18. At the bottom of the Update System menu, the confirmation message Are you sure? (Press A to confirm) is displayed. Press A.
  19. The message DO NOT POWER OFF! Preparing system update. is displayed.
  20. After system preparation finishes, the CAT-R restarts, and the Frame and Percent counters are displayed during the update. Ensure that you DO NOT TURN THE POWER OFF the CAT-R during this process.
  21. The CAT-R restarts automatically when the process is complete.
  22. When the System Config Tool is displayed again, confirm the System Config Tool version at the top of the screen, and then eject the disc from the CAT-R.

If you have any questions or require additional assistance, contact your local Nintendo developer support group.

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