Downgrade CAT-R Firmware

Currently all disc and dual-media applications must be built using SDK 2.07.03+P5 or later, and should be tested with the SDK 2.07 or later runtime environment. Digital applications, including patches, Nintendo eShop downloadable applications, Nintendo eShop demos, and add-on content, must be built using SDK 2.08.06 or later, and must be tested using the SDK 2.08 or later runtime environment. In some cases this means that development and testing hardware must be switched between the SDK versions.

The following steps may be used to safely downgrade a CAT-R to an earlier SDK runtime environment.

After you upgrade your new CAT-DEV or CAT-R to version 2.07.03P1 or later, do not downgrade below version 2.07.03P1.

To downgrade CAT-R firmware

  1. Verify that the CAT-R boots into the System Config Tool when powered on. If the CAT-R boots to the Wii U Menu select Switch to System Config Tool. When you change from a default launch application to the System Config Tool, System Config Tool starts.
  2. Verify that the system is in Development mode before proceeding.
  3. Insert the System Update disc for the target SDK. Using the System Config Tool Update menu, run the system updater. For information about how to make a System Update disc, see Create a CAT-R Disc.
  4. After a short time the system reboots and completes the update process. When the process finishes, the system is reverted back to the target SDK.

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