Update CAT-R Firmware

The CAT-R development system cannot be updated using the CAT-DEV methods. An SD Card or a special optical R-disc are used to update the CAT-R firmware.

To update the CAT-R console system, follow the procedures described in the following sections.

After updating to SDK version 2.07.01 or later, do NOT downgrade to SDK 2.06.02 or older versions.

A down arrow (↓) in a column means that you may skip updating to that version, and update directly to the next version listed in the column.

Sequential Update

The CAT-R firmware should be updated sequentially as indicated below.

2.04.02 Factory Installed
2.05.00 2.05.00
2.06.01 2.06.01
2.06.02 2.06.02
2.07.01 2.07.01
2.07.01 P1
2.07.03 2.07.03
2.07.03 P1 2.07.03 P1
2.07.03 P2
2.07.03 P3
2.07.03 P4
2.07.03 P5
2.08.11 2.08.11

Verify a CAT-R System Update is Required

This section describes the methods to verify if a CAT-R console system update is required by obtaining the current Cafe OS SDK version and build numbers.

Verification Procedure

If the CAT-R console system version number and the version number being updated are the same, a CAT-R console system update is unnecessary.

The verification procedure for the CAT-R console system version differs according to the application that starts running when the power to the CAT-R console is turned on. Verify by using one of the following methods.

Verify Using the System Config Tool

  1. Power on the CAT-R console.
  2. From the System Config Tool, on the Root Menu, select Software Version Information.

Verify Using the DevMenu

  1. Power on the CAT-R console.

Verify Using the Wii U Menu

  1. Power on the CAT-R console.
  2. On the Wii U Menu, select Switch to System Config Tool.
  3. From the System Config Tool, on the Root Menu, select Software Version Information.

When the CAT-R System Version is Earlier than 2.07.03P5

Follow the procedure in the Update CAT-R Firmware Using R-Disc section below, and update to firmware 2.07.03P5 in the following order.

  1. 2.04.02
  2. 2.06.01
  3. 2.06.02
  4. 2.07.01P1
  5. 2.07.03
  6. 2.07.03P1
  7. 2.07.03P5

When Wii U Menu Launches When the CAT-R Power Is Turned On

Uninstall the Wii U Menu with the Wii U MenuChanger by referring to the Uninstalling section of the Wii U MenuChanger User's Manual included with the Wii U MenuChanger package. Then perform a CAT-R system update.

Update CAT-R Firmware Using R-Disc

The following components are required when you create an R-disc to update a CAT-R.

The Optical R-Disc Burner and Cafe Optical R-Discs are not included with the standard Cafe Development Kit. For availability and ordering information, contact your local Nintendo developer support group.

The R-Disc burning process takes approximately 25 minutes for a 25 GB image. If a .wumad file is used, the software automatically pads the image to 25 GB before beginning the burn process, which increases the processing time.

If an R-disc for updating the CAT-R console system has already been prepared, skip this creation procedure and proceed to the section on applying the update.

To Create a Firmware Update R-Disc

  1. Save the Master Archive Update Image to a local drive on the host PC. For example, "C:\cafe_sdk\discimages".
  2. Navigate to the WiiU Disc Writer folder, and then double-click wuwriter.exe.
  3. Click Eject to open the tray on the optical R-disc burner.
  4. Insert a blank CAT-R disc in the tray, and then click Load to close the disc tray. When the optical drive is ready, the following is displayed:
  5. To load the Master Archive Update Image, click Open.., and then navigate to the location where you saved the file in Step 1.
  6. To select an optical write system, click the disc with a blue drive image. If you have more than one optical burner, and want to write to all of them, click Select All.
  7. To start the burn process, click Write. A confirmation message is displayed before the burn process begins.

To Update CAT-R Firmware Using the System config Tool

  1. Turn the CAT-R ON, and then insert the R-Disc.
  2. Launch the System Config Tool.
  3. On the System Config Tool Root Menu, click Boot Configuration. For information about System Config Tool, see the System Configuration Tool section.
  4. On the Boot Configuration menu, verify that System Mode is set to Development Mode and that Memory Size for Application is set to 2GB (Development). This helps assure a successful system update.
  5. On the System Config Tool Root Menu, click Update System.
  6. Similar to disc applications, update packages have the odd0x identifier. SDKs are annotated by their major, minor and micro versions. For example, the SDK 2.09.02 option is displayed as "/vol/storage_odd0x/update/020902". On the Update System menu, select the title named sdkxxx to update.
  7. At the bottom of the Update System menu, the confirmation message Are you sure? (Press A to confirm) is displayed. Press A.
  8. The message DO NOT POWER OFF! Preparing system update. is displayed.
  9. After system preparation finishes, the CAT-R restarts, and the Frame and Percent counters are displayed during the update. Ensure that you DO NOT TURN THE POWER OFF the CAT-R during this process.
  10. The CAT-R restarts automatically when the process is complete.
  11. When the System Config Tool is displayed again, confirm the CAT-R console system version at the top of the screen, and then eject the disc from the CAT-R.
  12. Power off the CAT-R OFF by pressing the POWER Button, and then disconnect the power cable from the CAT-R and reconnect it. This allows the DRH to perform a necessary hard reset.
  13. Turn the CAT-R ON, and then start the DRC firmware update process.
    In some rare cases, the DRC cannot connect to the CAT-R because the CAT-R did not turn ON correctly in the final step. If this occurs, unplug the CAT-R power cable from the system, and then reconnect it before continuing.

To Update CAT-R Firmware Using DevMenu

  1. Turn on power to the CAT-R console and launch DevMenu.
  2. On the Root Menu, select System Information.
  3. Rest the pointer on System Mode, click the A Button, select Development, and then click the B Button. Following the same procedure, set Limit System Memory for Production to Disabled.
  4. Insert the prepared R-disc for updating the CAT-R into the console system.
  5. On the Root Menu, select Update.
  6. Select <version> System on odd02 and click the A Button.
  7. When the message Are you sure? (Press A to confirm) is displayed on the bottom of the screen, click the A Button. Do not turn off power to the CAT-R during the update. The display on the screen changes to Frame = xxxxx, Percent = xx% during the update. When the update has completed, the CAT-R automatically restarts.
  8. When the System Config Tool is displayed, verify the CAT-R console system version and remove the R-disc from the CAT-R console.
  9. Turn off the power to the CAT-R console.

Firmware Update via Recovery using SD Card

Required Tools and Equipment

All data on the SD Card will be lost and/or overwritten.

If an SD Card for updating the CAT-R console system has been prepared, skip this initialization procedure and proceed to the section on applying the update.

To Initialize the SD-Card

  1. Insert an SD Card into the appropriate slot on the host PC.
  2. Open the folder where you unzipped DD for Windows,right-click DDWin.exe, and then click Run as Administrator.
  3. Click Choose Disk, and select the drive letter for the SD Card device.
  4. Click Choose File, and select <version>.ddi.
  5. Click Restore and follow the prompts.
  6. When writing completes, safely eject the SD Card from the host PC.

To Update the Firmware on the CAT-R

  1. Power off the CAT-R, by holding down the POWER Button for 4 seconds.
  2. Insert the SD Card for updating the CAT-R into the CAT-R console.
  3. Simultaneously press and hold the EJECT Button and POWER Button on the CAT-R console and then release them when the Power LED turns orange.
  4. Description LED Sequence
    Installation in Progress Blue → Red → Orange
    Installation Successful Blue → Orange
    Installation Failed; The error code is represented by the number of Orange → Red or Blue → Red pulses. Orange → Red → Blue → Red → Red → Red
  5. After installation completes, press the POWER Button to shut down the CAT-R. Press the POWER Button again to restart the CAT-R. The update is complete.

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