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Setting Up a CAT-R for Final Application Debug

Environment Dev Equipment CAT-R MP2 To debug memory settings and capability settings properly, you must use a CAT-R MP2 updated with a Cafe SDK version that was suggested by the Nintendo support site.
Dev Equipment Environment Cafe SDK- Contact the Nintendo support site for more information.
External Storage Support USB storage device Required for applications that are to be distributed digitally or for application patches. Review Precautions when debugging disc applications on USB storage and NAND, and then set up your test environment.
Serial USB Must be removed If there is a serial USB connection in your CAT-R environment, you will experience different behaviors. For more information, see Getting OSReport Outputs When Using a CAT-R and Serial Logging on the Wii U .
Setup System Mode Production You may find this setting on the Boot Configuration submenu of the System Config Tool. For information about setting the CAT-R System Mode, see System Config Tool: Boot Configuration.
Network Setup Required To test in background (BG) stress mode, you must have a configured network connection with access to an external network. You may connect to Access Points (APs).
Wii U MenuChanger Contact the Nintendo support site for more information. The Wii U Menu and system software should be imported and setup prior to testing.

Getting OSReport Output When Using a CAT-R

You may connect a CAT-R to a host PC using a USB-to-RS232 adapter and use terminal software on the host PC to view OSReport outputs.

When you connect a CAT-R to a host PC using a USB-to-RS232 adapter the system processing load increases slightly. Because the processing load is different from the processing load in the product, you must not connect a USB-to-RS232 adapter to the CAT-R during final debug of an application.

The following environments are verified to work:

The following USB-to-RS232C adapters do not work in a CAT-R environment:

Operations have not been tested with other environments or devices.

Set up the terminal software as follows:

Speed 57600 bps
Data 8-bit
Parity none
Stop 1-bit
Flow Control none
Terminal New-line CR+LF

Precautions When Debugging Disc Applications on USB Storage and NAND

In addition to disc distribution, Wii U disc applications may be distributed digitally via network. When distributed digitally, the application is installed on NAND or USB storage. When you are considering distributing an application or an application patch digitally, you must debug them for disc distribution, and for digital distribution via network using NAND and using USB storage. Debugging using NAND and USB storage is required to help ensure that:

Debugging NAND and USB storage does not need to be as extensive as disc debugging. However, it must satisfy the above criteria.

For information about developing and supporting applications for dual media distribution, see Wii U Master ROM Creation and Submission Procedures on your local Nintendo developer support group website.

For final submission of a master image, you must verify the following.

Debug on NAND

Test on a CAT-R that is booted in to NAND mode.

Debug on USB Storage

Acquire three or more Nintendo-supported USB storage devices to be used for debugging.

These debug recommendations may change in the future due to a changes in debug results and/or the product market.

USB memory devices are not currently recommended for customer use. However, they may be added to the list in the future.

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