Saving System Logs to an SD Card

You may save the current or previous system log (syslog) to an SD card. This can assist in debugging an application, CAT-DEV, or CAT-R.

To capture the console output from a CAT-R, see Serial Logging on the Wii U .

To save a syslog to an SD card

  1. Launch System Config Tool.
  2. Format an SD card on your host PC to use the FAT32 file system.
  3. Insert the SD card into the system.
  4. With a controller, navigate to and select System Log Viewer.
  5. Press the X Button to view the previous syslog.
  6. Scroll up or down to view the log in screen.
  7. Press the A Button to save the log to SD card.
  8. The monitor will indicate that the log is saved.

The log is saved as a text file on the attached SD card. It may be viewed on any PC.

The name of the syslog file follows the pattern:


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