viewcore - View a Core Dump


viewcore [-o <elf-file-name>] [-i <elf-file-name>] [-d <directory-name>] [-a] [<directory>]


-o <elf-file-name> The ELF output file name. If not specified, core is used.
-i <elf-file-name> View a previously-generated ELF file only. Do not generate an ELF file from memory block files.
-d <directory-name> Set debug source root to <directory-name> If unspecified, $CAFE_ROOT/system is used.
-a Treat the paths stored in RPLs as absolute paths. Use this option to process and view RPLs built before SDK 2.11.02. No debug source root is used.
<directory> The directory containing the six block files from the COS core dump in the form BLKn_Aaddr_SZsize.bin for n = 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. addr and size are specific to each file and chosen by COS. When not specified, the current working directory is used.

Environment Variables

These environment variables can be set either in your Cafe session or globally in Windows. They are normally used in conjunction with crash dumps that are automatically uploaded via PCFS. But they also apply for any invocation of viewcore.

Environment Variable Description
CAFE_CRASH_DUMP_LIMIT 0: Retain all crash dumps.

n > 0: Retain up to n crash dumps, deleting any older ones. The default is n = 5.
CAFE_CRASH_DUMP_NOMULTI 0: Do not invoke MULTI after converting the crash dump to an ELF file.

1: Invoke MULTI after converting the crash dump to an ELF file. This is the default.


viewcore is a host PC tool that and converts a COS core dump to an ELF file and starts the MULTI debugger to view your application's core dump following a crash.

viewcore uses the 10 individual block files from a COS core dump to create the ELF file.

MULTI version 5.3.22 or later is required to view the resulting ELF file.

For usage, see Debug a Crash.


The following examples show how to use viewcore to view a crash dump.


viewcore generates the ELF file core and launches MULTI to view it.

viewcore -o mycore.elf

viewcore generates the ELF file mycore.elf and launches MULTI to view it.

See Also

pcel: Parse OS Event Log

Revision History

2014/02/18 Add environment variables.
2013/09/17 Initial version.