cafe.bat - Start a Development Session


cafe.bat [<options>...] [<shell-command>]


-cafex Use cafex to run applications (default). Sets USE_CAFEX=1 in this session.
-nocafex Do not use cafex; uses Cygwin shell scripts such as cafeon. Sets USE_CAFEX=0 in this session.
-multi Start the first or subsequent multi-session when controlling multiple CAT-DEVs from the same PC. Similar to the multi_cafe.bat and multi_cafex.bat commands. For more information, see the Multiple Devkit Feature.
-nomulti Do not start multi-session support (default).
-syncsession Copy per-session files (default). For more information, see Session Syncing.
-nosyncsession Do not copy per-session files; data files shared across sessions.
-pcfsoversata Enable PCFS over SATA (default). For more information, see Choosing Transport Mode used with PCFS Boot Mode.
-nopcfsoversata Disable PCFS over SATA; use PCFS over SDIO.
-cygwin Use the Cygwin shell (default) to create the session.
-nocygwin Use the Windows CMD shell to create the session. Use cafex for only running apps on the CAT-DEV. Similar to the deprecated cafex_env.bat command.
-bridge <name> <ipaddr> Set the current bridge for just this command session.
-default Save the current settings for future use. These settings become the default settings when launching future cafe.bat sessions.
<shell-command> Runs the specified <shell-command> in the new environment, and then exits. If not specified, a command window is opened in the new environment.


cafe.bat opens a new command session that can be used for Cafe development and testing, and initializes the environment variables that other Cafe SDK commands expect. Many of the Cafe Developer SDK environment settings on the host PC are variables that are defined in the cafe.bat batch script. The cafe.bat script must be kept in the Cafe SDK root directory, $CAFE_ROOT.

When using cafe.bat, either run a single CAT-DEV session, or a multiple multi-CAT-DEV sessions in parallel, but not both.

The capabilities of the old commands cafe_env.bat, multi_cafe.bat, and multi_cafex.bat commands are now available by option in the single, unified cafe.bat command. The old cafe_env.bat, multi_cafe.bat, and multi_cafex.bat commands are now deprecated.

Changing the Terminal Application

Also use cafe.bat to determine a specific terminal application that the Cafe SDK will use as its default terminal application. By setting the following environment variables, specify the terminal application used by the Cafe SDK.

Option Description
CAFE_USE_MINTTY If set, enables the option to use Mintty as the Cafe SDK terminal application.
CAFE_TERM_USE If set, enables the option to use a terminal application of your choice as the Cafe SDK terminal application.

CAFE_TERM_USE is specific to SDK 2.11.00 or later and not applicable to SDK 2.10.xx or earlier.


To use the Windows CMD shell in this session:

cafe.bat -nocygwin

To set the bridge for just this current session, assuming that your CAT-DEV has the name myBridgeName and IP address

cafe.bat -bridge myBridgeName

To display the help text for cafe.bat:

cafe.bat -?

See Also

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