Running on CAT-R


An R-Disc burner and a CAT-R system are required to test Cafe application master images with optical discs.

Note that this document describes a BETA release of the mastering tools and procedure; the contents herein are subject to change in future SDK releases.

Requirement Tools and Equipment

The following components are not included with the standard Cafe Development Kit. Contact your local Nintendo developer support group for availability and ordering information.

Optical R-Disc Burner

Burning an image to an R-Disc requires one of the following writer devices:

The following software is also required:

Cafe Optical R-Discs

[Details Pending]

CAT-R Development System

This is a Cafe Development System equipped with an optical R-Drive. Note that a host bridge is not installed.

To update a CAT-R system, see the Updating CAT-R reference.


    Current working combinations of burner, software, and disc: 
    - White-labeled disc, UJ device, using R-Disc Writing Tool Version 1.02.
    - New blue-labeled disc, UJ device or LF device, using R-Disc Writing Tool Version 1.02.

Burning an R-Disc

Ensure that one of the prescribed R-Disc writing devices is attached to your host PC. Install and invoke the wuwriter.exe program:

  1. Select a device. Initially set to "D" Drive. Change it to the installed LF or UJ drive
  2. Open to select the binary data to be written (e.g. testimage)
  3. Load to open the disc caddy and insert the disc to be burned 
  4. Press Write User Data to start the burning process 
  5. Eject after writing is complete
The burning process takes approximately 25 minutes for a 25 GB image.

Launching an R-Disc with Cat-R

Turn the CAT-R on, and then insert the R-Disc. When System Config Tool is invoked, navigate to "Titles Manager and Launcher" menu.

Disc applications are annotated with the "odd0x" identifier. Select the appropriate application to launch it.

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