cafeon - Start System Config Tool on CAT-DEV


$ cafeon




cafeon is a host PC tool that releases the CAT-DEV from reset and invokes System Config Tool.

This tool is invoked from the command line of a Cafe Cygwin shell.

Calling cafeon is required before launching an application when the CAT-DEV is in NAND boot mode.

Running a Simple RPX Application

To execute a simple RPX application that does not acquire and load RPL dynamic libraries, ensure that the CAT-DEV is powered on and configured for NAND boot mode. Issue the following from the Cafe Cygwin shell command line:

$ cafeon

System Config Tool will appear on the display of the CAT-DEV.

To exit cafeon and return to the command line, type CTRL+C.

An application may be invoked either from the System Config Tool launcher screen, or from the command line:

$ caferun app.rpx

For more information, see caferun or cafediscrun.

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