cafex install - Install title to emulated MLC


cafex install [<options>] <application.rpx> <titleId>


-l [<dir> | <rpl>] Specify alternate source for dependent RPL files.
-s Creates a symbolic link for title content files instead of a file copy. This does not affect to title code or metadata files; they will always be copied.
-h Print a list of the available options.


The cafex install command installs a title (RPX and any dependent RPLs) to emulated MLC. After the title is installed, it can be loaded from System Config Tool.


Install helloworld demo

This example installs the helloworld demo to emulated MLC.

Issue the following command at the Windows CMD shell:

cafex install %CAFE_ROOT%/system/bin/ghs/cafe/demo/helloworld/NDEBUG/helloworld.rpx 000500101ff5a10a

This will install the relevant helloworld files to %CAFE_ROOT%/data/mlc/sys/title/000500101/1ff5a10a. The title can then be launched from System Configuration Tool.

See Also

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