cafex on - CAT-DEV On and Launch System Config Tool


cafex on [<options>]


-c <command> Run <command> after System Configuration Tool has initialized. See System Configuration Tool: Command Line Options for a list of commands.
-d multi Start the MULTI debugger.
-e <value> Specify a special launch option; see below.
-p <n> Indicate process to debug (defaults to game process).
-nobgd Disables background daemons.
-noprompt cafex on exits and releases the PC terminal after the System Config Tool has started. Changes CATTOUCAN_TERM to "source -p -q /vol/content" for the duration of the command.
-nosync If in a multi-catdev window, does not perform the synchronization of CAFE_DATA_DIR and CAFE_CONTENT_DIR.
-h Print a list of the available options.

-e Option

The -e option allows you to specify special options that affect how an application may be run. The table below shows some of the available special options. Each special option must be preceded by a -e option:

ejectstate:<value> Change the eject state of the emulated ODD in or out. See Adjusting the Disc’s Eject State in cafex discrun for more information.
h:<n> Mount HDD bank <n> when launching the application. Valid values for <n> range from 0-10, inclusive by default.
noCSR Disable the Combined Send/Receive optimization. Not recommended.
noFFIO Disable the Fast File I/O optimization. Not recommended.
nopcfs Allow an application located on the PC to be run on a CAT-DEV that is running in headless mode.
pcfsport:<port> Use port <port> instead of the default port (7500) for PCFS over SATA transactions.

Return Values

If cafex on does not encounter an error, the application's exit code will be returned upon application exit.


Additionally, it may also return the same codes as the cafex run command.


The cafex on command turns on the CAT-DEV and launches the System Configuration Tool


Launching the System Configuration Tool

To launch the System Configuration Tool, an application that allows you to modify certain settings about the CAT-DEV, execute the following command at the Windows CMD shell prompt:

cafex on

For more information on the System Configuration Tool, see System Configuration Tool.

Mount the internal HDD as an emulated ODD

This allows the user to launch titles that have been uploaded to the internal HDD as an emulated disc from the System Configuration Tool.

cafex on -e h:1

This will mount bank 1 of the internal HDD to the CAT-DEV and allow the execution of any title installed there. To run the application, select Title Launcher at the main menu and select the application listed under odd02. See Title Launcher for more information.

See Also

System Configuration Tool

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