cafex recover - Recover CAT-DEV


cafex recover [<options>]


-bootloader Installs only the dual bootloader.
-production Installs the production bootloader instead of the dual bootloader as a part of the recovery process.
-reflash Deletes all information stored on the physical NAND during the update.
-noreflash Retains user information on the physical NAND after the update.
-h Print a list of the available options.

Return Values

0 OK


cafex recover is a host PC tool that allows for the recovery of a CAT-DEV that has corrupted NAND. It is intended as a troubleshooting mechanism when used this way, so exercise caution when using this tool. To update a CAT-DEV, use cafex update or cafex setbootmode. Because of the nature of this operation, all data stored on NAND will be deleted. To preserve data, specify -noreflash on the command line. However, this is not recommended since the purpose of cafex recover is to address data corruption on NAND.

After the recovery process is finished, the CAT-DEV will be put in NAND mode with the dual bootloader installed. However, one of the dual bootloader's main features is ease of bootmode swapping, so changing to PCFS mode is as accessible as setting the CAFE_BOOT_MODE environment variable to PCFS.

cafex recover may also be used to quickly install the dual bootloader if the production bootloader for that SDK is currently installed on the CAT-DEV. For more information about the dual and production bootloaders, see Change Boot Modes.


Restore a CAT-DEV's NAND to a fresh state

Issue the following command from the Cafe Windows CMD shell prompt:

cafex recover

This will erase all data on the CAT-DEV's NAND and replace it with a fresh installation of the SDK. It will have the dual bootloader installed, so changing boot modes is obtainable.

Install only the dual bootloader

Issue the following command from a Cafe Windows CMD shell prompt:

cafex recover -bootloader

This will install only the dual bootloader onto the system. It does not modify any other data on NAND.

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