cafex stop - Halt Applications on CAT-DEV


cafex stop [<options>]


-makemine Force the CAT-DEV to change its owner to the current host PC
-hostonly Stop the host applications that control the CAT-DEV. Execution of a running application on Cafe will continue, but the user is unable to interact with it through the Cafe Windows CMD shell prompt.
-h Print a list of the available options.

Return Values

0 OK


The cafex stop command halts execution of applications on the CAT-DEV and shuts it down. The command does not fully power down the unit. If you would like to fully power down the CAT-DEV, flip the ON/OFF power switch on the side of the CAT-DEV.


Stop execution of the CAT-DEV

Issue the following command at the Cafe Windows CMD shell prompt:

cafex stop

This stops the currently running application and returns control of the Cafe Windows CMD shell prompt to the user.

See Also

cafex run

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