cafex update - Update Boot Firmware


cafex update [<options>]


-u <package> Path to update package (from System Config Tool’s perspective).
-s Use system updater (update package should contain system updater).
-t <dir> Path to single title (from System Config Tool’s perspective).
-p If the CAT-DEV and the environment variable CAFE_BOOT_MODE are set to NAND, then install the update, but use the production bootloader instead of the mixed one.
-reflash Delete all information stored on the physical NAND during the update.
-noreflash Retain user information on the physical NAND after the update.
-nodrc Skip the Display Remote Control (DRC) firmware update step.
-h Print a list of the available options.

Return Values

0 OK

Any return value from cafex on can also be observed.


cafex update is a host PC tool that updates the boot firmware on the CAT-DEV. The cafex update command is normally used to update the CAT-DEV boot firmware whenever you want to upgrade the CAT-DEV to work with a new release of the Cafe SDK. This command also updates the firmware of the DRC attached to the DRC1 port.

The CAT-DEV and PC environment must both be in PCFS mode in order for cafex update to work. For instructions, see cafex setbootmode.

For firmware upgrade or downgrade instructions, see CAT-DEV System Update.


Update the CAT-DEV firmware

Issue the following command from the Cafe Windows CMD shell prompt:

cafex update

This updates the CAT-DEV with the SDK's firmware. It also maintains the current boot mode of the CAT-DEV. The dual bootloader is installed by default. For more information about boot modes, see Change Boot Modes.

See Also

cafex setbootmode
Change Boot Modes

Revision History

2015/03/09 cafex update can only be called in PCFS mode
2014/08/22 Additional options added.
2014/06/26 Return values added.
2014/03/17 Initial version.