cleansession - Cleaning Up a Session


cleansession [-current][-all][-n][-y][-keepini] [session name]


-current Specifies the current session as the one to clean.
-all Display help.
-all Specifies all sessions as the ones to clean.
-n Auto-answers 'No' to the delete prompt.
-y Auto-answers 'Yes' to the delete prompt.
-keepini Does not delete (keeps) the session INI file.
session name Specifies the name of the session to clean.


The utility will search for all artifacts for the session(s) and list any that were found. It will then ask you if you want to delete them. Options are provided to auto-answer 'Yes' or 'No' for this prompt and can be used for scripting.

Cleaning a session is generally not needed, but if you would like to remove all of the temporary folders and files that were created during running of your code, this utility is provided to cleanup these folders and files. Invoke cleansession from a multi-devkit window.

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Revision History

2014-09-23 Initial version.