The LEDs on the front of the CAT-DEV provide information about the state of MION and CAFE.


HDD (Yellow) LED

The HDD (yellow) LED indicates that the internal hard drive(disc emulator) is being accessed.

ERR (Orange) LED

The ERR (orange) LED indicates that one or more of the MION modules are in ERROR or FATAL state.

Solid OnOne of the MION modules is in FATAL state but can be accessed by the miontelnet utility.
Long On/Short OffMION firmware 13.98 or higher
The MION Ethernet module is in FATAL state and cannot be accessed by the network.
BlinkingOne of the MION modules is in ERROR state.
The Ethernet cable is disconnected or the network is down.

When the ERR (orange) LED is on or flashing, the miontelnet.exe utility may be used to get a list of the MION modules and their current state. To clear error and fatal MION states, use miontelnet.exe with the -reboot option. For example:

To collect stats:
To reboot MION:
miontelnet.exe -reboot


The STAT (blue) LED is solid or blinks when the IP address receives an ICMP packet.
To help identify a CAT-DEV, you may ping the CAT-DEV IP address and watch for the LED to blink.


DISC (White) LED

The DISC (white) LED indicates that CAT-DEV is using the disc. See cafediscrun

ON (Blue) LED

The ON (blue) LED is lit when the CAT-DEV is turned on. It flashes on any boot1 error, and when the CAT-DEV is in recovery mode, it is part of the ON-OFF-CC (blue-red-white) sequence. One possible cause of a boot1 error is Updating a CAT-DEV fails with error -262146.

A repetitive (blue) LED pattern of ON-ON-OFF-OFF, indicates a primary volume mount failure or the primary volume did not register correctly after a system start.


The OFF (red) LED is on when CAFE is off. When the CAT-DEV is in recovery mode, it is part of the ON-OFF-CC sequence.

CC (Red) LED

The CC (red) LED flashes when using the recovery method as the last part of the ON-OFF-CC sequence.

Revision History

2014-02-20 Added new LED pattern for mount failure.
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