findbridge - Search for a CAT-DEV


findbridge [options] [<name> | <ip-address> | <MAC-address>]


-v Displays version information.
-h Display help.
-all Scan for all CAT-DEVs present on all enabled network interfaces.
-detail Must be used in conjunction with a <MAC-address>, <ip-address>, or the -all option. Displays detailed information about the CAT-DEV including IP address, MION firmware/FPGA version, and MAC address. SDK version installed, current boot mode, on/off state.
<name> The name of the CAT-DEV to find.
<ip_address> IP address of the CAT-DEV to find.
<mac_address> The MAC address of the CAT-DEV to find.


The Host Bridge comes with a tool that allows a developer to search for a specific CAT-DEV on their network or to see all CAT-DEVs available on a network. This can also be used to see detailed information about the CAT-DEV, such as which boot mode a CAT-DEV is in, which SDK it has been updated to, and whether the CAT-DEV is in use or not.

Some features are only available with Host Bridge version and above. (MION firmware 14.70)


Find a specific bridge by its name

> findbridge my-catdev
my-catdev                      :

Find all bridges connected to the network and get detailed information

> findbridge -all -detail
Scanning for bridges on interface
Scanning for bridges on interface

Note: Bridge Firmware older than will not return some fields.

Bridge Name                    IP Address         FW Rev     FPGA        Mac Addr       SDK    Boot   Cafe
                                                              Rev                       Rev    Mode  On/Off
MultiCDLab8            13052071  00:25:5C:BA:0F:46  2.11.2  PCFS  OFF
PB-CATDEV3             13052071  00:25:5C:BA:52:5E  2.11.5  PCFS  ON
PB-CATDEV4             13052071  00:25:5C:BA:52:0A  2.9.22  NAND  OFF
00-25-5C-BA-51-94      13052071  00:25:5C:BA:51:94

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